About Anger Associates Inc.

Anger Associates Inc, headquartered in the Detroit area since 1957, to this day specializes in consulting, sales and support of measurement and calibration instrumentation, dynamic signal analysis tools and software, and complete test systems.

The focus is delivering to our customer the correct solution for their measurement, analysis and calibration requirements.

Our Focus:

  • Vehicle powertrain test systems
  • Production test systems
  • Torsional vibration analyzers
  • Dynamic signal acquisition and analysis systems and tools
  • Field calibration instruments
  • Calibration laboratory instruments including primary and working standards
  • Pressure/vacuum and flow sensors and transducers
  • Mass flow meters & controllers

In addition to the sales and support of many fine measurement technologies, we offer consulting in the areas of vibration, noise, structural dynamics, torsional vibration testing and complete test bed specification development.

Markets Served

Our location allows us to be very focused on the automotive engineering, test and production test markets. However, because our product offerings have wide appeal to many industries, we are also experienced solution providers to:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical equipment
  • Research facilities
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemical
  • Utilities
  • Universities
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Production equipment manufacturing
  • Test systems manufacturing
  • Metal cutting and forming
  • Consumer products development and manufacturing
  • and many more.

If we do not carry a product that solves a particular requirement, our long experience allows us to direct our customers to an appropriate vendor of measurement transducers, systems or an integrator that has the knowledge and resources to solve even the most demanding requirement.

Please contact us if you cannot locate the product you are interested in.

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