Calibration Equipment

Crystal Engineering

Crystal Engineering

Pressure measurement stability and High Accuracy at reasonable cost.

Crystal Engineering XP2i Digital GaugeCrystal Engineering nVision Reference RecorderGauge Cal HPCrystal Cal HPCrystal Engineering Pressure FittingsCrystal Engineering 30 Series Pressure CalibratorCrystal Engineering m1 Digital GaugeCrystal Engineering HPC40 Process Calibrator

High accuracy digital pressure measurement (low P to 15,000 PSI) and recording instruments.

Fully temperature compensated over -20°C (14°F) to 50°C (122°F) MODELS:

  • nVision: up to 0.025% of READING accuracy
  • XP2i: 0.1% of READING accuracy
  • M1: 0.2% of reading accuracy
Data recording
Pressure generation
Calibration Software
Accreditations : ISO 9001-2000, ISO 17025:2005, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, A2LA, ILAC

Crystal Engineering is the market leader for accurate, easy to use digital pressure instruments. The XP2i series digital test gauge is one of the most sought after digital pressure gauges ever manufactured. All Crystal instruments are quickly delivered complete with a traceable A2LA IS 17025 calibration certificate good for at least one year. Call us for your best price/best value for digital pressure measurement.



NIST traceable Vacuum reference tubes for Hastings analog and digital vacuum gauges

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AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments     Jofra

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is a World Leader and developer of calibration instruments for:


Temperature: Portable precision Dry-Block and Liquid Bath calibrators, -100° to +1205°C. Speed, accuracy and portability with advanced documenting functions. Have a look at our RTC video!

Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators: -1 to 1,000 bar (25 in Hg to 14,500 psi). Fully temperature compensated, easy to use. Pressure generation available. Available as individual indicators or complete calibration systems ready to use in carry case including pump, hose, fittings, batteries, test leads, user manual and traceable calibration certificate. PSG_Calibrators Download Product Selection Guide.

Signal calibrators

Signal calibrators: Multi-signal process signal measurement & simulation for loops, T/C’s, RTD’s, Thermisters, temperature switches, voltage, pressure, etc.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors: The FP product line includes a complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers, measuring inserts, thermo-couples of precious as well as base material, thermocouple wire, extension wire, temperature transmitters and portable digital thermometers.

  • Complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers
  • Thermocouples of precious as well as base material
  • Standard and custom designed temperature sensors of high quality for all kind of solutions and applications
  • Standard products are fully documented and for customer specified sensors, we make product specifications, detailed construction and customer drawings
Product Accessories
JOFRA APM Mk.II Series - Advanced Pressure Modules

The APM CPF series portable pressure modules offer the functinality and flexibility to perform calibrations with a multi-function process calibrator.  Or, combine with a hand-held pressure calibrator to expand its range.  The APM CPF delivers the same high level of accuracy whether in the lab or the field.  

- accuracy to 0.025% OF READING

- Temp Comp -20 to 50 C

- Integrated CPF pressure connection

- Seven available ranges

- Rugged cast aluminum housing

- Self contained intelligent module

STS Reference Sensors STS Reference Sensors: The JOFRA DTI-1000 or DTI050 with an STS-probe is a fully traceable thermometer recommended as the reference instrument to verify the true temperature in any type of temperature calibrator, liquid bath, or dry-block calibrator.
Pump Systems - Pheumatic and Hydraulic Pump Systems - Pheumatic and Hydraulic: From small 'bicycle' type pumps to a hydraulic pump that generates up to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar). These are durable pumps with features such as vernier valves, vent valves, manifold connections and swivel fittings, making the pumps ready for your calibration applications.
Calibration Software Calibration Software: JOFRACAL calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters, thermo-switches, pressure gauges and pressure switches.
DTI-1000 Reference Digital Temperature IndicatorDTI-1000 - Reference Digital Temperature Indicator
Temperature range: -200 to 750°C, accuracy to ±0.004°CM
The DTI-1000 with an STS-probe is a fully traceable thermometer recommended as the reference instrument to verify the true temperature in any type of temperature calibrator, liquid bath, or dry-block calibrator.
DTI050 Digital Temperature IndicatorDTI050 - Digital Temperature Indicator
DTI050 digital temperature indicator is easy to use, fast response, low drift, accuracy up to ± 0.005 ˚C, with the STS series of high-precision smart temperature sensor, DTI050 furnace or as a dry sump, or direct measurement of the reference standard in the process industry.
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